SC-01 Lake Keowee Division

Tournament Director- Ron Carson 864-313-8069

This Division is a 2024 Division Series for the American Bass Trail which will qualify for the 2025 American Bass Trail Classic. A 2024 American Bass Trail Membership is required by all anglers that participate in this division.

SC-01 Lake Keowee Schedule
01-07-247:00 am-3:00 pmKeoweeMile Creek Landing
01-28-247:00 am-3:00 pmKeoweeMile Creek Landing
02-18-247:00 am-3:00 pmKeoweeMile Creek Landing
03-03-247:00 am-3:00 pmKeoweeMile Creek Landing
04-07-247:00 am-3:00 pmKeoweeMile Creek Landing
SC-01 Lake Keowee Current AOY Standings
AnglerPartner1-7-241-28-242-18-243-3-244-7-24Total Points
Joe AndersGreg Clouse1001009910099498
Brent WilleyChris Wilson959710098100490
Carl WhitfieldDavid Rogers9495939498474
Chris DorlanStephen Burress9793969625407
Bo HillGeorge Gilbert9892919225398
Chance GriffithTyler Thompson9390919925398
Matthew PearsonMarquez Rowland96949295377
Kyle WhalenRuss Whalen87878997360
Ron CarsonJohn Johnson86892597297
Rusty SmithAdam Smith999194284
Mark Meadows858898271
Jason DavisRyan Lesley9997196
Troy MorrowShane Morrow9695191
Brian AnthonyJustin Raines9298190
Greg AbercrombieJason Nurmi9193184
Barrett KeelBrody Manley9090
Ryan LesleyJason Davis8989
Brian KingAndrew Dimick8888
Cody Hoyle2525
1-7-24 Results- Lake Keowee
AnglerPartner# of FishWeightBig FishPointsPrize
Joe AndersGuff Mah517.625.01100
Rusty SmithAdam Smith514.913.6699
Bo HillGeorge Gilbert514.723.7998
Chris DorlanStephen Burress514.594.3497
Matthew PearsonMarquez Rowland512.484.2496
Brent WilleyChris Wilson511.2395
Carl WhitfieldRobby Hunnicutt510.73.5894
Chance GriffithTyler Thompson510.1493
Brian AnthonyJustin Raines59.8492
Greg Abercrombie59.4791
Barrett KeelBrody Manley58.8690
Ryan LesleyJason Davis57.2989
Brian KingAndrew Dimick57.2388
Kyle Whalen46.5787
Ron CarsonJohn Johnson46.1886
Mark Meadows35.2485
1-28-24 Results- Lake Keowee
AnglerPartner# of FishWeightBig FishPointsPrize
Joe AndersGreg Glouse519.656.79100
Jason DavisRyan Lesley515.223.6399
Brian AnthonyJustin Raines513.243.2598
Chris WilsonBrent Wiley512.773.1997
Troy MorrowShane Morrow512.696
Carl WhitfieldDavid Rogers512.193.6995
Matthew PearsonRowland Marquez512.193.5394
Stephen BurressChris Dorlan511.764.1793
George GilbertBo Hill511.462.9192
Rusty SmithAdam Smith510.2591
Tyler ThompsonChance Griffith59.7590
Ron CarsonJohn Johnson59.6189
Mark Meadows45.8788
Kyle WhalenRuss Whalen34.387
2-18-24 Results- Lake Keowee
AnglerPartner# of FishWeightBig FishPointsPrize
Chris WilsonBrent Willey519.655.82100
Greg ClouseJoe Anders516.394.999
Mark Meadows511.0898
Ryan LesleyJason Davis510.8997
Stephen BurressChris Dorlan510.896
Troy Morrow510.7695
Rusty SmithAdam Smith510.6494
Carl WhitfieldDavid Rogers510.0993
Matthew PearsonMarquez Rowland510.0292
George GilbertBohemian Hill59.4991
Tyler ThompsonChance Griffith59.4991
Kyle WhalenRuss Whalen58.9289
Ron CarsonJohn Johnson25
Cody Hoyle25
3-3-24 Results- Lake Keowee
AnglerPartner# of FishWeightBig FishPointsPrize
Joe AndersGreg Glouse514.88100
Chance GriffithTyler Thompson514.5599
Chris WilsonBrent Willey514.0598
Kyle WhalenRuss Whalen511.595.1797
Stephen BurressChris Dorlan59.8196
Matthew PearsonMarquez Rowland59.4995
Carl WhitfieldDavid Rogers58.9994
Greg AbercrombieJason Nurmi57.1593
Bo HillGeorge Gilbert25
4-7-24 Results- Lake Keowee
AnglerPartner# of FishWeightBig FishPointsPrize
Brent WilleyChris Wilson521.565.48100
Joe AndersGreg Glouse517.114.2299
Carl WhitfieldDavid Rogers58.6898
Ron CarsonJohn Johnson45.997
Chris DorlanStephen Burress25
Chance GriffithTyler Thompson25
Bo HillGeorge Gilbert25

SC-01 Keowee Lake Division

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